10 Reasons to Wager on Tennis at 1xbet

10 Reasons to Wager on Tennis at 1xbet
10 Reasons to Wager on Tennis at 1xbet

Tennis is a popular sport with a large global following, and the excitement of the game attracts many fans. For gamblers looking to bet on tennis matches, using 1xbet can double the thrill.

Below are 10 reasons why 1xbet should be your preferred bookmaker for tennis:

Security and License

As a reputable bookie, 1xbet prioritizes the security of customer’s personal and financial information. They are licensed by the Curacao Gaming Authority, ensuring compliance with all wagering regulations.

Opportunity to Wager on Various Events

1xbet offers a wide variety of tennis tournaments throughout the year, providing numerous options for wagering on tennis matches.

Tournaments available include Wimbledon, ITF Punta Cana, ITF Lakewood, Masters Russia, Daily Premier Tour, ATP World Cyber Tour, US OPEN, and Bloomfield Hills Challenger.

Impressive Bonuses

1xbet offers a generous 100% welcome bonus up to $100, allowing additional wagers on tennis matches with few restrictions. They also provide ongoing promotional offers for tennis betting.


1xbet’s multi-platform accessibility allows users to access their accounts from any device. Their mobile app is optimized and user-friendly, giving a seamless wagering experience.

A Variety of Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

1xbet offers various payment options for quick deposits and withdrawals, including e-wallets (Skrill, MoneyGo, etc.), bank transfer, debit and credit cards, and cryptocurrencies.

Live Streaming of Matches

1xbet’s app provides match streaming features, allowing users to watch tennis matches live. This facilitates easier monitoring of wagers, as games can be accessed in real-time.

Customer Support

1xbet offers multiple support options, including a local hotline, live chat with consultants, and email support, ensuring prompt assistance for any account issues or queries.

Fair Play

1xbet is committed to maintaining the integrity of tennis matches and ensuring fair and transparent wagering conditions. They distribute winnings accurately and promptly.

Competitive Odds

1xbet offers the best odds in the tennis market, allowing users to secure higher potential cashouts and maintain a healthy profit margin.

Resources Available

1xbet provides in-depth match analysis and previews, focusing on player statistics and form. They also offer tutorials for novice bettors and a live chat option for sharing insights and strategies.


With these 10 reasons, it is clear why 1xbet is the top choice for tennis wagering. Open a 1xbet account and start your tennis betting journey.