Case Study: Lufthansa Innovation Hub’s Trend Forecasting

The short version:
The customer:
Tino Klaehne is the Director of Strategic Innovation and Intelligence at Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH), which is focused on reinventing the future of travel.

The challenge:
LIH lacked a systematic approach to strategic intelligence, relying on sporadic Google searches and keyword-based research. They needed a centralized system to gather, analyze, and prioritize intelligence.

The solution:
LIH integrated Feedly AI into their tech stack to track macro trends and define trends within the travel and mobility tech category. They built their own intelligence engine using Feedly’s AI Models.

The results:
LIH developed an industry-leading process that is 3-5 times faster than traditional intelligence gathering. They regularly publish trend reports in their newsletter with over 10,000 subscribers. Several former employees have also introduced Feedly to their new companies.

Spotting trends with Feedly AI:
LIH used Feedly to become thought leaders in their industry by defining a new research category at the intersection of travel and mobility technology. They identify trends and shifts in the industry before they happen.

The customer: Lufthansa Innovation Hub:
LIH is a small part of the larger Lufthansa Group but has a big impact on reinventing the future of travel. They have their own newsletter and platform, TNMT, with over 10,000 subscribers, and are dedicated to data-driven strategic research.

The challenge: Building a systematic approach to strategic intelligence:
When Tino Klaehne joined LIH in 2017, the research processes were immature and ineffective. There was no centralized location to store interesting findings, and there was a lack of a systematic approach to intelligence gathering.

The solution: Using Feedly AI to research and define the future of their market:
LIH defined their own research category, TNMT, at the intersection of travel, mobility, and tech. They used Feedly AI to discover and research new market opportunities, shaping the future of travel.

The solution: Tracking innovation via venture capital investments:
LIH uses AI Feeds in Feedly to track venture capital investments in travel and mobility tech, predicting how the industry will evolve. They also track over 3,000 startups for investment and partnership opportunities.

Integrating Feedly into their processes and tech stack:
LIH deeply integrates Feedly into their processes and tech stack. They use AI Models, AI Feeds, and Boards to continuously gather and analyze relevant content. Feedly is embedded in their workflows and onboarding.

The results: Faster, more insightful research:
LIH’s reputation has grown, and their TNMT newsletter has over 10,000 subscribers. Feedly has helped them gather intelligence 3-5 times faster than before.