Everything You Need to Know About Tennis Before Starting Off

Everything You Need to Know About Tennis Before Starting Off
Everything You Need to Know About Tennis Before Starting Off

Starting somewhere is a universal concept, and the same goes for Tennis. Though it may seem simple, there is much more to know before diving into the sport. Extensive online research can provide valuable tips and tricks, so it’s worth considering a service like Spectrum Internet, which offers unlimited data for both research and entertainment purposes!

If you’re developing an interest in Tennis, that’s great! However, before you begin, there is a lot you need to learn. Here’s a basic overview to kickstart your Tennis journey:

  1. Why Start Playing Tennis?

The first thing to understand is why Tennis is a good sport to play. It offers numerous benefits compared to other sports. Tennis engages both your body and mind, requiring focus on legs, arms, and the ability to judge opponents’ movements and shots.

Tennis improves hand-eye coordination, agility, balance, and activates the entire body. It provides a de-stressing process and enhances overall lifestyle.

  1. Essential Equipment

Tennis is a relatively minimalistic sport in terms of equipment. All you need is a good tennis racket and a tennis ball. The ball should be easily visible while playing, and it’s crucial to hit it at the center of the racket for maximum strength. So, investing in a good racket is important.

  1. Starting with the Serve

Prior to the match, an umpire tosses a coin between the players. The winner serves first and chooses their playing side. The serving player must be behind the baseline, in bounds of the center mark and the sideline. They toss the ball with their non-playing hand and hit it with their racket hand. The serve must cross the net diagonally and be within reach of the opponent to be considered legal.

  1. Understanding Service Faults

There are service faults to be aware of. Each player is allowed two serves. If the ball touches the net or goes out of bounds during a serve, it is deemed illegal. The server has a second chance to serve correctly. A foot fault occurs if the serving player touches the baseline or goes out of bounds from the sideline. In this case, the server gets another opportunity to serve. However, a double fault occurs if the server makes two consecutive mistakes, resulting in the opponent gaining a point.

  1. Understanding “Let” and “Ace”

Two additional situations to know in Tennis are a “let” and an “ace”. A let occurs when the server’s ball touches the net but still lands in the serving area. It gives the server two more chances to score a point. An ace, on the other hand, happens when the server makes a legal serve and the opponent fails to return it, resulting in a point for the server.

  1. What is a Rally?

A rally signifies the start of the game and keeps track of the points scored. The player who misses a shot gives the opponent a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game or who reaches the maximum point limit wins. Exploring the intricacies of a rally is best done through online research and personal experience playing the game.


These are the basics you need to know to get started with Tennis. Grab your racket, tennis ball, and a friend, and begin your tennis journey as soon as possible!