One of the most secure sports globally

Contact sports are notoriously dangerous, as they may lead to painful breaks, muscle strains, serious head injuries, open wounds, and much more. Yet, tennis is a simple, contact-free sport that makes it one of the least dangerous options you can play. Of course, playing any sport comes with potential risks of injury, but some are less likely to cause harm than others. Keep reading to learn why tennis is one of the safest sports in the world.

A Low Percentage of Injuries

Sports can provide players with various benefits, as they can improve their physical and mental health, support a healthy social life, and increase leadership skills. Yet, it is wise to familiarize yourself with a sport’s potential risks to have caution and play safely during a friendly or competitive game or match. For instance, these top 10 of the most dangerous sports have an increased risk of fatality, serious injury, or broken bones. A prime example is boxing, which could cause a boxer to experience brain damage, eye damage, and other injuries. Also, the likes of soccer, American football, basketball, and rugby are heavy-contact sports with a higher risk of collision and, in turn, may cause serious or even fatal injuries.

If you are looking for a fun, competitive, and low-risk sport, then tennis is a top choice. Requiring minimal equipment and offering simple rules and zero contact between players, it is a safe yet fun game that will get your heart pumping and body moving. Compared to the dangerous sports on the link above, tennis has a lower risk of physical injury, concussion, surgery, and time lost from the sport due to injury.

How to Stay Safe When Playing Tennis

As stated earlier, every sport comes with risk, including tennis – and some of the best players in the world can sustain a painful injury. For instance, Rafael Nadal is living with a frustrating foot injury.

Despite being one of the safest sports you can play, there are steps you must take to reduce your likelihood of sustaining an injury during a match. For example, you must work on your endurance, speed, balance, flexibility, and strength to protect your health and improve your performance on the court. Tennis will place pressure on the muscles and joints, and learning the correct form and technique will prevent injuries and help you reach your sporting potential.

Of course, you can prevent injury during any sporting activity, including tennis, by warming up and stretching before a game or match, holding each stretch for 20 seconds. Also, you must commit to consistent cardiovascular and strength training exercises to target various muscle groups and improve balance. It is imperative to eat a nutritious, healthy diet to nourish your body and boost your energy levels. Plus, you must enjoy at least one rest day per week and wear the appropriate gear during training or a game to prevent injury. For instance, it is essential tennis players wear supportive, comfortable tennis shoes to improve their stability and support on the court, which may avoid a painful ankle injury.

Bear in mind that tennis is a physically demanding sport, and you must maintain an adequate fitness level to avoid overexertion. As the sport requires non-stop activity, you must drink plenty of water between games to replenish lost fluids, as it will protect your health and boost your energy throughout a match. Plus, you must avoid playing on a court during wet conditions, as the slippery surface will increase your risk of injury.

Tennis is arguably one of the safest sports in the world you can play, but it still comes with various risks you shouldn’t disregard when stepping onto a court. In addition to these safety precautions, proper technique is crucial to minimize the risk of injuries while playing tennis. Learning the correct way to serve, volley, and hit groundstrokes can significantly reduce the strain on your muscles and joints. Enlisting the guidance of a qualified coach can help refine your skills and ensure you’re using the right form.

By following these safety tips and staying mindful of your body’s limits, you can enjoy the game to the fullest while minimizing the chances of injury. So, grab your racket, hit the court, and revel in the exhilaration of one of the safest sports in the world.