What Alcaraz Needs To Do To Be Better Than Djokovic

What Alcaraz Needs To Do To Be Better Than Djokovic
What Alcaraz Needs To Do To Be Better Than Djokovic

Carlos Alcaraz, at 20 years old, faces a challenging task if he wants to have a career better than the great Novak Djokovic, who is still going strong. However, Alcaraz has youth and exceptional athletic ability on his side. Here are some areas he needs to improve in order to have a hope of surpassing Djokovic.

One area where Alcaraz needs to focus is on improving his first serve. Currently, he ranks low in first serve points won compared to his high ranking in second serve points won. This is not consistent with the achievements of the Big 3 in their careers. Players like Roger Federer, Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal have all worked on their first serves to become more effective. Alcaraz should assess his own first serve ability and explore different strategies such as focusing on placement and varying the speed and spin of his serves.

In addition, Alcaraz should learn from the Big 3 in terms of managing his health and schedule. Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal have all found ways to take care of their bodies and avoid early retirement. Alcaraz should study their training methods, diet, and overall lifestyle to ensure he can maintain his physical well-being throughout his career. Furthermore, demanding high appearance fees at tournaments, like Djokovic does, can be a strategic move for Alcaraz to secure financial stability and compete with his rivals.

Another key aspect for Alcaraz to consider is his playing patterns. While generally it is not advisable for a tennis player to try to play shorter points, in Alcaraz’s case, it may be necessary to reduce the strain on his body. He is already dealing with plantar fasciitis, indicating overuse. Therefore, Alcaraz should analyze his opponents and hire a top-notch scout to identify patterns that can help him win matches efficiently and minimize the physical toll.

Lastly, patience is crucial. Djokovic is undeniably the greatest tennis player ever, but time will eventually catch up with him. Alcaraz should wait for the GOAT to retire, as it will create opportunities for him to win Grand Slams during the prime of his career. In the meantime, he should cherish every match he plays against Djokovic, learning from the experience and enjoying the challenge.

As of now, the head-to-head record between Alcaraz and Djokovic is tied at 2 apiece, indicating their close competition. Alcaraz should remain calm and keep learning from these encounters, knowing that his time to shine will come when Djokovic eventually steps aside.