Where Can You Get Your Tennis Fix Now That The US Open Is Over?

Where Can You Get Your Tennis Fix Now That The US Open Is Over?
Where Can You Get Your Tennis Fix Now That The US Open Is Over?

The US Open tournament has come to an end, leaving tennis fans searching for new ways to satisfy their tennis cravings. While there are upcoming tennis tournaments in October and November, such as the Stockholm Open, European Open, and Rolex Paris Masters, we have a few other suggestions.

1. Consider Joining an Indoor Club

If watching the US Open has sparked your desire to play tennis more often, but you live in a colder climate and are concerned about the approaching fall and winter weather, it might be worth considering joining an indoor club. This way, you can continue playing tennis and honing your skills even on cold and rainy days. Additionally, being surrounded by like-minded players in an indoor club can provide opportunities to learn new techniques and skills that you may not have encountered just playing on outdoor courts on the weekends.

2. Watch a Tennis Movie

We are aware that there are many fantastic sports movies out there, but most of them are centered around sports like football or baseball. However, there are some incredible films about tennis as well. For example, the romantic comedy Wimbledon (2004) starring Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany. The movie follows Bettany’s character, a struggling professional tennis player who unexpectedly gets a chance to compete in Wimbledon.

At the tournament, Bettany’s character, Peter Colt, meets Lizzie Bradbury, a talented American tennis player portrayed by Kirsten Dunst. As their love story unfolds, Bradbury also helps Colt change his perspective on the game, ultimately leading to his return to winning form. Another notable tennis movie from the past decade is Battle of the Sexes (2017), which explores the story of Billie Jean King with Emma Stone and Steve Carell in the lead roles.

3) Engage in Tennis-Themed Games

If you are unable to join an indoor club due to weather conditions, there are always tennis-themed video games to keep you entertained. Sports games have become increasingly popular in the gaming industry, with titles like FIFA and NFL Madden dominating the market. In fact, sports-themed games can even be found on online casino sites, featuring games such as Football Roulette alongside conventional casino offerings like poker and slot games.

For tennis enthusiasts, games like Top Spin 4 and Maximum Games Tennis World 2 are highly recommended. Additionally, immersive options like Wii Fit’s tennis game allow you to embrace your inner Djokovic from the comfort of your own home.

Similar to activities like skiing, cycling, running, and golf, it can be hard to get tennis off your mind once you fall in love with the sport. During the honeymoon phase of your tennis journey, you find yourself purchasing all the necessary equipment and striving to improve your serves and rallies. However, given that tennis is primarily a spring and summer sport, it can be challenging to satisfy your tennis cravings when the weather changes and there is a break between Grand Slam tournaments. Luckily, there are plenty of options available, such as joining an indoor club, watching tennis movies, and playing tennis-themed games.